Free Fire MOD APK v1.98.1(MENU MOD, ESP, Unlimited Diamonds)

Free Fire MOD APK v1.98.1(MENU MOD, ESP,Unlimited Diamonds)
GameFree Fire MOD apk
PublishersGarena International
Size64.67 MB
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MOD InfoUnlimited Money
Unlocked Premium Version
RequirementAndroid 5.0 & above

The Battle-Royale gaming revolution is increasing and gaining a reputation each day. Free Fire MOD APK is the “war royale” and depicts the war ground at the royale novel. This is the only game that presents all battle royale elements and a wide range of game types. 

Battle Royale games’ popularity is steadily increasing despite the trend. Standing out in front of real players for long is not easy, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. The complication of these games relies on your strategy and skill level. But imagine if a game with such complex strategies could be made incredibly simple and given many superpowers. 

Such as you have the ability to spy on enemies behind walls. If you hit anywhere on the rival’s body. On his head, you can even kill him behind a wall… Today, with the Garena Free Fire MOD APK, we will offer you such real-life skills.

Free Fire APK Gameplay

Garena Free Fire APK has three different maps: Bermuda, Kalhalli, and Purgatory, with Kalhalli being the latest released in February 2020. Free-Fire also has four game modes including Classic and Ranked Battle Royale, Rush Hour, Clash Squad, and Custom Game where you can design your own. 

A Free-Fire Battle Royale match has a total of 50 players and lasts up to 10 minutes. In this scenario, 50 players get off a plane and travel to a chosen location on the map, where they find their favorite weapon. The play zone drops every two minutes and you compete while dodging airstrikes. 
After surviving 10 minutes, the last remaining man wins the match. It’s a no-fuss, free Fire app made up of scripts that provide many expensive pro-grade features for free.

Free Fire APK Gameplay

Free Fire MOD APK

Free Fire MOD APK is a spin-off of the original game. We are offering you increased features and functionalities. So that you may enjoy more excellent character performance. We give customers all the premium version perks, including unlimited money and energy. 

We spend it to enhance characters’ tools and Equipment. We’ve offered an infinite amount of money to unlock the various levels in the game. Users also shop for any basic amenities from the game at the store for free. We have also included the no Ads policy in this Mod version, which prohibits advertising.

Just grab the Free Fire MOD APK v1.98.1 download; it doesn’t cost anything. You will receive free unlimited money and gems if you use our mod version.


  • Free gun skins
  • Unlimited ammo
  • No root required
  • No jailbreak required
  • Diamond tricks

Free Fire APK Stunning Features

Increase your Character Size

Your body size is enhanced and that makes it easier to defeat rivals hiding behind the walls. A phenomenon that increases the player’s physical size is used to destroy enemies hiding behind walls without haste. This feature will help you increase your K-D ratio and climb the ranks of Grandmaster.

Enemy Image Creation

With the help of this feature, enemies can be spotted regardless of whether they are hidden behind barriers or inside structures. With this feature, the system automatically designs a virtual color image of the opponent, effectively locating the enemy hiding behind a wall. To get a great experience, you should use this feature at least once.

Robot auto-aim

Use Auto-Aim-Bot or Auto-Headshot to aim headshots or other areas of the body. This option available in the MOD menu is easy to use. Today, you can easily turn any shot into a headshot (a high-damage shot), so you don’t have to waste a lot of time learning new skills. Just download the app. Of course, you can create them by simply clicking on them. You can also change the AimBot settings in the Free Fire MOD APK very conveniently.

Fascinating Playstyle

In Garena Free Fire – New Age: Battle Royale, players will discover popular playstyles that will put their shooting skills and tactical awareness to the test. The number of players in the battle will increase to 49, and the duration of the encounter will be shortened, but the excitement and excitement will remain the same. So, after landing there, you’ll be constantly running around looking for weapons you think you’ll need.

Fascinating Playstyle

Backpacks & Weaponry

Backpacks, armor, weapons, and support He can pick up various things such as gear. At the same time, the effect of armor and bags depends on the level. As a result, you will meet other players and always look for the most important materials. They will be defeated and you will get their loot. You’ll also need to pay attention to your safe zone in order to advance to the required position and continue playing against other players.

Defensive Techniques

While playing this game, the player will be fascinated that the character has defensive skills to resist enemy weapons. You can intentionally build strong shields to protect yourself and continue to use other strategies. So these shields are definitely useful for hiding and penetrating key areas late in the game, in a vast world where you don’t know where your enemies are.

freefireDefensive Techniques

Free Fire MOD APK Features

Unlimited Power

Free Fire APK game features are limited. The game lets you purchase new characters and power-ups as you level up. But when you are playing the Free Fire APK game, and one character keeps appearing, you get bored of playing the game. To solve this problem, download the Free Fire MOD APK unlimited everything. You can fight your enemies in just a few clicks. Possessing infinite power, it can take down enemies in seconds. 

All levels are unlocked

In Free Fire APK, you must win each level to reach the next level. But the Mod APK game contains all 100+ unlocked levels. So, you can select any level from the list to play. And you can unlock all these 100 levels by installing and playing the Free Fire APK Mod game. No money is required to unlock premium levels.

Free Fire MOD APK Download Free

Free Fire APK Mod version is entirely free to download. You don’t have to pay to run and download.

All heroes unlocked

Free Fire Download Mod APK contains specific heroes. Each hero has extraordinary powers and hits. This allows you to select a specific player while the game is running. You can compare yourself to the enemy. If the enemy has low power, you can choose more power for the player to easily defeat the opponent.

All heroes unlocked

Unlimited money and diamonds

Download Free Fire MOD APK with unlimited power, and you will get unlimited money and diamonds. With this money and diamonds, you can purchase advanced characters, power sticks, weapons, etc. If you use this energy on an enemy, it will be lost quickly. This will help improve your game and skills.

Limitless Energies and Gems

Free Fire MOD APK is built with unlimited energy and gems. Applying this energy to an opposing character can kill them in seconds. This unlimited energy strengthens you. And they can be easily defeated with just a few clicks. Once the Free Fire APK Mod is downloaded, you can collect unlimited gems.

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How to Install Free Fire MOD APK

We did our best to make downloading more accessible. However, if this is your first time downloading a modified program from a third-party source. Then, the following how-to tutorial will be handy: 

  1. Click the Free Fire MOD APK Download button to begin downloading.
  2. After it is finished. Open up your File manager.
  3. Your smartphone may prompt you for specific permissions. So, Go to Security Settings.
  4. Select the “Allow from Unknown resource” option to authorize the installation procedure.
  5. It is now possible to play the game after the installation is complete!

If you have already installed the Free Fire APK. Remember to uninstall the previous Free Fire version before installing the mod apk

Personal Recommendation:

There is intense competition in the tournaments and the game’s exceptionally high difficulty levels, we recommend Free Fire Mod.

You may play Free Fire Arena and use Free Fire Mod to help you in your quest to be the best contestant in the world.

When you install our Mod APK, you’ll have access to a tonne of premium items, an endless supply of diamonds. You have an endless supply of weaponry, all of the levels will be unlocked, and much more. These are only a few of the numerous advantages you will be able to enjoy.

Imagine having access to an endless supply of weaponry, which may be useful for easily conquering the many planets of the Garena survival shooter.


1-Do the Free Fire MOD APK has a multiplayer mode?

Yes, Free Fire has solo mode and multiplayer mode. You can challenge your friends and expand your social network.
Download the modified version and show them your entire range of abilities.

2-Is Free Fire MOD apk unlimited money and gems free to download?

Yes. It’s simple and free to download the game. From our website, users may quickly download the game’s mod.

3-Is it secure to download Free Fire MOD apk v1.98.1?

Yes. It is virus-free of all kinds. To ensure your happiness, check it with your antivirus program.

4-Is there any permission necessary to use Free Fire MOD apk?

The game doesn’t need any authorizations. So, It can be effectively used on a mobile device. Your data will be completely safe and secure.

5- Is the Free Fire MOD Apk ad-free?

When Free Fire Apk Mod is downloaded, you can enjoy the game without any Ads interruption.

6-When will Free Fire APK Mod be updated?

If Free Fire MOD apk unlimited money is updated, you may grab the current version from our website. Just scroll down to get the most recent version of Free Fire Apk Mod.


Free Fire MOD APK has every outstanding characteristic necessary for a game of this kind. No aspect of the game—graphics, character, music, or missions—will let you down in the whole gaming experience. However, most of the game’s features are only available to people who pay. 

As a result, we are delivering the Free Fire MOD APK Download 2023 to you as promised. Download from the below-mentioned URL to take advantage of all premium features.