DYSMANTLE MOD APK (Unlocked Equipment /Free Craft /MOD /Menu)

GameDYSMANTLE mod apk
PublishersDOCOOl Limited
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MOD InfoUnlocked All
RequirementAndroid 5.0 & above

DYSMANTLE MOD APK is a fast-paced action game. So, you’ll need to employ your talents to defeat various adversaries. You must beat every one of the fierce foes while still defending the blossoming areas in this battle. And it takes place in several various locations.

DYSMANTLE MOD APK latest version is a thrilling thread experience. In this game, zombies roam the huge landscape for an opportunity to strike. I’ve had a great experience at DYSMANTLE and am looking forward to continuing to explore the huge realm of a zombie infestation. 

Regardless of how much time you spend with the reality DYSMANTLE, it is polarizing, thrilling, or completely dreadful. Check out the realm of adventure.

DYSMANTLE MOD APK (Unlocked Equipment Free Craft MOD Menu)


The game’s basic concept is fantastic due to its simplicity and ingenuity. A few years after the catastrophe, the main character escapes the bunker. Your crowbar is a weapon and primary tool for exploring the environment around you. Breach through the barrier to obtain the first resource – wood. Make use of a more powerful tool.

Crowbar is now upgraded with the assistance of the collected resources. That allows you to smash tables and chairs down to load-bearing walls near residences, autos, and massive steel containers. Your journey includes seeking new weapons of devastation. And you collect coins and go through mountains of diverse commodities.

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DYSMANTLE MOD APK free craft is a spin-off of the original game. We are offering you increased features and functionalities. So that you may enjoy more excellent character performance. We give customers all the premium version perks, including unlimited money and energy.

We spend it to enhance characters’ tools and Equipment. We’ve offered an infinite amount of money to unlock the various levels in the game. Users also shop for any basic amenities from the game at the store for free. We have also included the no Ads policy in this Mod version, which prohibits advertising.

Just grab the DYSMANTLE mod apk v1.1.1.37 download; it costs nothing. You will receive free unlimited money and gems if you use our mod version.


DYSMANTLE apk Stunning Features

Discover a large island

Nevertheless, the issue is not confined to simply destroying items. You immediately realize you’re traveling around a massive open island that you may explore in any sequence. Certain regions are inaccessible without warm clothing or a face mask which you need to purchase. It is a perfect canvas for advancement. Not too broad so that it becomes a clean sandbox, but also not too narrow. Explore certain regions, discover needed items to get into others, etc.

Battle for survival

The monster battle mechanism is lively, involving rolls. And it demands some attacking skill but no Dark Souls-level miracles. Avatar death sends you back to the next save point. And you always return to the carcass to collect the leftover resources. Also, you always prepare for large conflicts by crafting armor and replenishing your supplies of poison darts, rockets, etc.

Destroy your Rivals

Pursue the battle whenever you and your teammates have amassed sufficient weapons, talents, and power. These adventures will develop each day. And you will face increasingly difficult opponents who are also powerful rivals. To survive, you and your squad must fight well. Gamers will continue refilling their energy when the next day begins with many challenges. They aim to leave a lasting impression and meet the game’s objectives.

Create a Strong Plan

To use the assault technique, you must first define your mission. You find yourself on a distant island, and everything is terrible. Everything has changed in ways you never anticipated after just one night. Also, it would help if you designed an offensive strategy to return to the mainland mindset. Execute powerful fights and come out on top.


Participate in Collective Power

Gamers must recruit the help of friends on the island, particularly the unusual spirits. They will help you develop fresh ideas, build your skills, and successfully apply your abilities. It would help if you were fully equipped with armament and power and bursting with new conflicts. Kill them completely, restore peace to the region you pass through, and then go on to the next battleground.

Turn the Fate Circle

You are keen on returning to the mainland as fast as possible because this isn’t your type of place. The angels have led you here to the circle of prophecy. It may be difficult to spin it around if you lack the requisite enthusiasm and power, so only attempt this spin when you are comfortable. Even more exciting, you would be able to escape the turmoil this island has caused and no longer have to deal with those terrible foes.


Unlimited Power

DYSMANTLE APK game features are limited. The game lets you purchase new characters and power-ups as you level up. But when you are playing the DYSMANTLE APK game, and one character keeps appearing, you get bored of playing the game. To solve this problem, download the DYSMANTLE Mod APK mod menu. You can fight your enemies in just a few rounds. Possessing infinite power, it can take down enemies in seconds.

All levels unlocked

In DYSMANTLE APK, you must win each level to reach the next level. But the Mod APK game contains all 100+ unlocked levels. So, you can select any level from the list to play. And you can unlock all these 100 levels by installing and playing the DYSMANTLE APK Mod game. No money is required to unlock premium levels.

DYSMANTLE Mod APK Download Free

The DYSMANTLE APK Mod version is entirely free to download. You don’t have to pay to run and download.

All heroes unlocked

DYSMANTLE Download Mod APK contains more than 144 specific stick heroes. Each hero has extraordinary powers and hits. This allows you to select a specific player while the game is running. You can compare yourself to the enemy. If the enemy has low power, you can choose more power for the player to easily defeat the opponent.

DYSMANTLE All levels unlocked

Unlimited money and diamonds

Download DYSMANTLE Mod APK unlimited power, and you will get unlimited money and diamonds. With this money and diamonds, you can purchase advanced characters, power sticks, weapons, etc. If you use this energy on an enemy, it will be lost quickly. This will help improve your game and skills.

Limitless Energies and Gems

DYSMANTLE Mod APK is built with unlimited energy and gems. Applying this energy to an opposing character can kill them in seconds. So, this unlimited energy strengthens you. They can be easily defeated with just a few clicks. Once the DYSMANTLE APK Mod is downloaded, you can collect unlimited gems.


We did our best to make downloading more accessible. However, if this is your first time downloading a mod version of an app from a third-party source. Then, the following how-to tutorial will be handy: 

  1. Click the DYSMANTLE MOD APK Download button to begin downloading.
  2. After it is finished. Open up your File manager.
  3. Your smartphone may prompt you for specific permissions. So, Go to Security Settings.
  4. Select the “Allow from Unknown resource” option to authorize the installation procedure.
  5. It is now possible to play the game after the installation is complete!

If you have already installed the DYSMANTLE APK. Remember to uninstall the previous DYSMANTLE version before installing the mod apk


1-Do the DYSMANTLE mod apk has a multiplayer mode?

Yes, the DYSMANTLE has solo mode and multiplayer mode. You can challenge your teammates and expand your social network.Download the modified version and show them your entire range of abilities.

2-Is DYSMANTLE mod apk unlimited money and gems free to download?

Yes. It’s simple and free to download the game. From our website, users may quickly download the game’s mod.

3-Is it secure to download DYSMANTLE mod apk

Yes. It is virus-free of all kinds. To ensure your happiness, check it with your antivirus program.

4-Is there any permission necessary to use the DYSMANTLE Mod apk?

The game doesn’t need any authorizations. So, It can be effectively used on a mobile device. Your private data will be completely safe and secure.

5- Is the DYSMANTLE Mod Apk ad-free?

When DYSMANTLE Apk Mod is downloaded, you can enjoy the game without any Ads interruption.

6-When will DYSMANTLE APK Mod be updated?

If DYSMANTLE Mod apk unlimited money is updated, you may grab the current version from our website. Just scroll down to get the most recent version of DYSMANTLE Apk Mod.


Although DYSMANTLE MOD APK’s mechanics are quite straightforward. And it has the use of an aged, worn-out post-apocalyptic backdrop. DYSMANTLE is a fascinating open-world adventure that packs in far more mystery than it has any right to. Given that many of its gameplay elements are lifted from video games like Souls and Zelda. It’s a remarkable achievement that it manages to confront alone.

As a result, we are delivering the DYSMANTLE MOD APK Download 2023 to you as promised. Download from the below-mentioned URL to take advantage of all premium features.