GTA SA CLEO MOD APK v2.00 (Unlimited Money, Cheat, Menu, CLEO)

DeveloperRockstar Games
Size1.8 GB
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MOD InfoUnlimited Money
Menu, CLEO
RequirementAndroid 6 & above
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GTA SA CLEO MOD APK gives you a sense of reality while playing. Like in previous games, most of your advancement comes from completing missions for other players.

You’ll drive people about and kill obvious targets (one early task gives you the clear advantage of thrashing a broken merchant). Drive and thrash your enemies, etc.

However, as you move across the game, the missions become continuously bizarre. You’ll accomplish a difficult gambling club heist along the way. You steal evil military weapons, bid several Mafia goons “fare thee well,” and do much more.


GTA SA CLEO Gameplay

In GTA SA CLEO, the basic elements of user engagement and completing missions remain the same as in previous GTA games. There are many intricacies to be discovered and many novel things to try. The ability to ride a bike is the main game addiction, and it becomes available to you very early after the game starts.

You’ll drive it like any other car. But you’ll discover that pressing the X button causes C.J. to accelerate. It is valid while walking because pressing X makes you run. But holding it makes him run faster.

 Skirmish combat is advanced to block and execute combination moves using the square and triangle buttons. They have generally appeared in some previous GTA games.

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GTA SA CLEO Gameplay


GTA SA CLEO MOD APK provides free access to premium features with unlocked challenges and quests. All weapons and characters are completely unlocked. And GTA SA Cleo mod version is free to use. You can also use and incorporate all the clothing and accessories into your characters. 

You may enhance the allure and appeal of your persona. No more ads, which make this game highly engaging and addicting. It has excellent characteristics that make it well-liked by users for a long time. 

Use the map to discover the charm of the various streets and routes GTA SA CLEO mod apk unlimited money. You complete your tasks according to your preferences and time management.


GTA SA CLEO MOD APK Stunning Features

Game Framework

The framework has undergone a modest upgrade that gives it the appearance of being the emphasis in Manhunt. Although it is essentially the same as the chassis in Vice City. C.J. is more athletic than previous GTA heroes.

He is capable of swimming, both above and below the surface, which causes a breath meter to appear near your just updated well-being meter. Additionally, if C.J. is in good form, he can leap over tall barriers and bounce up.

Classy Single-Player Missions

GTA San Andreas Cleo Mod Apk For Android 10 was clearly created by a maestro, Rock Star! Depending on your platform, it’s a great experience comparable to the Xbox PlayStation version if you’re playing on a medium level console.

In some missions, the controls may be more efficient. However, the GTA SA CLEO MOD APK is exactly as it was in 9 years ago in 2004. Even now, many years later, I heartily endorse it.

Classy Single-Player Missions

Superior Visual Fidelity

It becomes playable but slow by lowering the graphics or disabling L.G.’s “take a break” feature. It inspires me to get a tablet. I should have received a warning from the Play Store that my phone didn’t match the requirements.

With a more open area, it might be more effective. There must be a demo for this GTA SA CLEO MOD APK. Or a way to check what it does on your device. I still recall playing this Xbox game, which I fell in love with when it first became available.

It functions as it did at first, thanks to the mobile update. I’m content to take it with me everywhere I go. 

Download GTA San Andreas APK MOD

The Unbound Open World

It downloaded and functioned as though I were using a genuine console! Only a few buttons have any sensitivity, but this has little impact on the gameplay. I’m thrilled that I can purchase classic games for my phone to enjoy for a reasonable price. My one complaint is that if you murder the player at the pool bar, it does not come back.

I’ve been a fan of GTA SA CLEO MOD APK since the first time I played it. The vehicles seemed like miniature machines when the game’s camera perspective was a straight-down aerial view. The responsiveness of the game controls varies depending on the device model on Android, though.

The Unbound Open World

Interactive User Interface

Playing GTA San Andreas CLEO MOD APK on my Android is well worth it for me to relive my childhood memories. Characters, settings, objects, and vehicles are all still present. It astounded me that technology has advanced to the point where it can play games from 2004 on a suitable smartphone. And this GTA SA CLEO MOD APK met all of my expectations.

H.D. visuals 

The graphics in this game are of a high caliber and rival those of console games. Realistic textures, colors, and lighting are all used. You’ll genuinely endure what it feels like being that person.

Dropbox Save 

You can save your game data online with this option. This allows you to continue where you quit your game, even if you change your mobile device.

Controller Assistance

 The game can also be enjoyed by using MOGA Wireless controllers. The game will be considerably more realistic with USB and Bluetooth.

GTA SA CLEO Controller Assistance


  • Download the GTA San Andreas MOD APK for unlimited money and health. You will have an everlasting supply of game resources.
  • GTA SA Cleo Mod apk No Root. You play GTA San Andreas without rooting your device after you get the MOD APK OBB files.
  • Menu Clutter-Free in GTA San Andreas APK MOD. The game’s user interface will be less jumbled, allowing you to concentrate on your action.
  • GTA San Andreas mod apk and obb No Ads. For a better user experience, the GTA San Andreas MOD APK Cleo has removed all the advertisements. 
Download the GTA San Andreas MOD APK for unlimited money and health


There are still some problems; for instance, C.J.’s chats occasionally don’t work. Or if you have a friend but she’s locked in her house, you can’t communicate with C.J. later in the game. Besides, there is room for improvement. For instance, when there is a fire, the game should depict a fireman putting it out.

Medic must act when an NPC dies, just like in other platforms. It’s entertaining, though, and it will be alright. On the L.G. Aristo 2, the GTA SA CLEO MOD APK runs so slowly that it’s occasionally difficult to play.

Download now ( 1.8 GB )

How to Install GTA SA CLEO MOD APK 

Installing the GTA: San Andreas MOD APK on your smartphone is simple. You don’t need to be concerned about security issues because our experienced team has scanned every MOD APK file for malware and viruses. All you have to do is adhere to the detailed instructions below.

Step 1. Download GTA San Andreas APK MOD first.

If you already have the already installed previous version of the GTA: San Andreas app on your phone. You should remove it before installing the MOD APK file.

Free GTA: San Andreas MOD APK download is available on our web. Keep your web-browser open until the download is complete. The file can be downloaded quickly due to our high-speed service.

You can move on to the subsequent step after the download is finished.

Step 2. Allow Unknown Sources. Go to Settings on your device and select Security (depending on your device). Next, choose “Unknown sources” to turn it on.

Step 3. Install GTA SA MOD Apk Unlimited Money.

Step 4. To install the GTA: San Andreas MOD APK file, locate the downloaded file in your downloads or the file manager on your device. Then, move on to the following step after the installation is complete.

Step 5. Freely play GTA San Andreas

Step 6. Set your security preferences back to their default state. Then launch the GTA: San Andreas MOD modified APK and start playing!

Follow these guidelines before starting the game on Android 6.0 or above to assure that the mod apk will function properly (otherwise, the money mod won’t work properly).

  1. GTA: S.A. can be found in “Settings –> Applications.
  2. Delete the game’s data and cache.
  3. Enables access to the files and storage
  4. Select “Resume” after starting the game.
  5. Enjoy!
  6. If you follow the steps correctly, the “RESUME” button will appear.


In a nutshell, from its first release in 2004, GTA San Andreas has been a very popular video game. Even though the more recent GTA 5 (2013) version includes some technical upgrades. GTA: San Andreas continues to have a privileged place in the heart of every player. So, get GTA SA Cleo MOD APK free download and relive the spirit of the 1990s.

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