Modern Warplanes MOD APK v1.20.1 (Unlimited Money/Gold/Missiles)

Modern Warplanes
GameModern Warplanes MOD APK
Size140 MB
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MOD InfoUnlimited money/Gold
Unlimited Ammo
Premium Unlocked
RequirementAndroid 5.1 & above

Have you ever craved a fighter plane game with all the features of virtual shooting? If the answer is yes, then the Modern Warplanes Mod Apk is what we’re here to offer you today.

The graphics and audio in Modern Warplanes are breathtaking. This game is so engaging that you wouldn’t get bored by playing it for the full day and finishing all the survival levels.

We’ll provide a surprise below to let you download all Modern Warplanes unlimited assets for free. To have more enjoyment, you must read the complete article and download the su.

Modern Warplanes APK Gameplay

Are you an action and shooting game nut? Are you hunting for something new? If you still need to play Modern Warplanes, do so. In this game, you must demolish the rival’s cities and jets to fulfill missions. Modern Warplanes APK surpassed more than 10 million downloads in the past four years due to its stunning features.

Let’s enter the game now. It has various single-player and multiplayer game modes. You use missiles, guns, and all other weaponry to destroy the ships in front of you to finish the missions.

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Modern Warplanes APK Gameplay

Modern Warplanes MOD APK

Modern Warplanes Mod APK is the unlocked premium version of Modern Warplanes APK. You complete all the objectives, warfare, and sky fights with unlimited missiles and bullets. In the mod version, you frequently achieve your goals quickly because you have unlimited assets. 

Usually, you have to spend a lot of time or cash to gain rewards. While Modern Warplanes Mod apk unlimited Everything is a fantastic app for you to dominate your rivals. You can now download Modern Warplanes APK v1.20.1 free from (our site). You can use this procedure confidently, and it doesn’t cost anything.

What’s New?

  • New planes added: Rafale C and F-35 Lightning II.
  • New skins added: Rafale C and F-35 Lightning II skin packs.
  • New missions added: Mission 5 (Dry Run)
  • Optimized game controls
  • Optimized graphic effects
  • Bugs fixed
Modern Warplanes MOD APK

Modern Warplanes MOD APK Stunning Features

3D Realistic graphics & BGMs

The game’s graphics and music quality are another fun feature that everyone enjoys. Modern Warplanes mod apk unlimited money has magnificent graphics that revive your spirit. Besides, the controls in this game are the smoothest ever. You won’t like to play any other games after having this one. 

The BGMs and sound design of Modern Warplane are of the highest caliber. This game has mind-blowing sound effects and a background music collection. What are you looking for, then? Save your fun time. And download it immediately using the link provided below.

Magical Warplanes

Although Modern Warplanes is a fantastic Android game, some of the game’s levels can be challenging even with these features and settings. Like when you play this game, you’ll understand its difficulty as you advance through the levels. Well, the mod apk is here for you to finish each level. 

However, you’ll need a lot of cash and modern planes, weapons, and equipment. So as a surprise, we’re giving you access to Modern Warplanes MOD APK, a customized game version. You get all the updates and the new, famous fighter jets for free. Additionally, you can use the iconic grenade launchers without spending any money.

Modern Warplanes 3D Realistic graphics

Weapons Assets

Modern Warplanes Mod Apk is a feature-rich Android game based on real sky battles.The two main components of modern warplanes are aircraft and weapons. Because you must have loaded weapons to hit your enemy and destroy him.

Ammo Upgradation

Armor upgradation is necessary. To defeat your rivals, furnish your plane with 40+ modern ammunition. Such as heaters, flares, machine guns, rocket launchers, and a lot more equipment.

Upgrade your warplane’s strength, speed, range, damage, wings, reload time, and many other vital factors. This game has 26+ battle combos to modify your planes in any mode or sky map.

Online PvP Battles

Gamble and compete against people from all over the world, including Russia, the UK, India, and the US. Competitors from various nations are here, and regions and more are to evaluate your abilities.

You can advance in warfare from a rookie to an air force general. Plan your attack. And arm your aircraft with the most effective armaments, such as nuclear missiles, swarm missiles, and other dangerous weapons.

Online PvP Battles

Offline dogfight

You can play massive jet battles offline. Download Modern Warplanes PvP Warfare Mod APK now. And fight in single missions, deathmatches, dogfights, or games you host for your buddies to join. 

Plane Customization & Camouflage

This game lets you add over 26 different types of camouflage to your jets. Camouflage will enable you to carry out sneak strikes since you can’t be quickly spotted by enemy aircraft.

Modern Warplanes APK MOD Features

Enjoy Unlocked Aircrafts

You can access many mind-blowing capabilities, including unlocked aircraft, missiles, and grenades. All the aircraft have been unlocked, and you have unlimited free access to all the Fighter Planes. So you can finish some of the levels and level up to experience the newest planes.

Try out Desired Weapons

You need the most recent and advanced aircraft and weapons to complete the remaining survival missions. These two factors are the most important in this game. All weapons are fully unlocked. Pick your favorite weapon, load your jet, and smash your rivals.

Modern Warplanes Desired Weapons

Unlimited Coins

All gamers dream of having unlimited coins and virtual currency. With this unlimited money, buying all the in-game resources, addons, and assets can make the game easier. Modern Warplanes Mod Apk unlimited money satisfies this urge.

 In the basic version, the coins grow with every purchase. But in mod apk, you buy endlessly without worrying about money. Download it immediately!

Infinite Bullets & Ammo

If you’ve ever played Modern Warplanes, you’re aware of the challenges in beating the survival levels. Thus, you should stop struggling immediately. Because Modern Warplanes Mod Apk is here to provide you unlimited ammunition. That modified version gives you an unlimited number of rounds against a single foe and a lot more through all the levels.

Unlocked Camouflages

We have the Modern Warplanes Mod Apk Unlimited everything for our fans to customize and skin design. It’s a fantastic game that will give you access to every camouflage.

 You can renovate your fighter planes using these camouflages. It contains over 20 camouflages which are all fabulous and cost over 100.00 INR for each in the basic version of the game. However, Modern Warplanes MOD APK is here to support you. Don’t worry about money.

Modern Warplanes Unlocked Premium features, No Ads

Unlocked Premium features, No Ads

All premium features are fully unlocked. No more annoying advertisements. Enjoy Modern Warplanes Mod Apk Unlimited Money and Gold 2022 download for free.

How to Install Modern Warplanes MOD APK

If you’re an avid gamer, you might believe that the most recent edition does not allow you to fly current jets. But that is untrue! With only one click, you may take advantage of all the innovations and enhancements in this online game! This file is fully functional.

  1. The download and installation of this mod are quite simple. Take these actions:
  2. Use the provided link to download the modern warplanes Mod APK (Download Link)
  3. Tap “download” to begin. Wait a short while until you see a notification of a successful download.
  4. Open your game now, then select “Settings.” You can find a section called “Version” under “General.” Choose the downloaded mod version after selecting it. Then click the “Save” button.
  5. You must restart your device for edits effects

That’s it. Play around with the new features.


Do you allow offline play?

You can, indeed! You can play with bots or practice on specific maps in the single-player mode before engaging in online combat with other players.

Can I play as a soldier from my own country?

A later version will shortly include this function! When it’s prepared, we’ll let you know.

Final Verdict

The entertaining game Modern Warplanes keeps you safe from becoming bored. You can choose from more than four distinct game modes: Online Team Deathmatch, Online Deathmatch, and Career Survival. A strong internet connection is required to play in each of the modes.

This game enables you to design your way as a warrior. You can integrate your favorite features here, including teams, weapons, chosen areas, and map radar. And play as you want. For any help, Comment below and let us know. We are here to assist you.

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